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It's All About...

Therapeutic Garden Design

Creating spaces that allow us to "breathe."  Something else we strive to do.  Embracing challenge with "outside the box" thinking, is how we approach the design of any growing space:  indoor, outdoor, therapeutic, production or ornamental.  What some may view as an obstacle, is for us... Opportunity.

Providing opportunity.  It's what we strive to do.  We're driven to create & customize, quality horticultural therapy & garden education programs for all folks, regardless of age or ability, whether a "seasoned gardener" or otherwise, so that we can all make that connection with the Earth.  At the heart of the programs we develop, rather than setting our sights on having the "greenest thumb" or the "perfect" garden, our focus... 

Perfection of Imperfection.  

Guiding us, is a firm foundation built upon the principles & practice of Horticultural Therapy.  We seek to engage our clients in the sensory experience inherent in the natural world. It is through these experiences that we learn about the living things around us, about ourselves & others, allowing our relationships to develop, grow & flourish. 

...the "Relationship."

Horticultural Therapy & 

       Garden Education Programs


      Ponder it. Envision it.

            Create it. Experience it.

                  Learn from it. Live it.     A.M.

What pleases our senses, pleases our hearts.  We create growing spaces that invigorate the senses by bringing together elements of form, foliage, texture and color.  By doing so, we 

foster the sense of Relationship which brings meaning & purpose to our lives .